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Time Trial Results - 2010 Season

Open Time Trial Results

Date Event Name Last Year Time Course Position
20th March Alt Ravens Ian Clark   1:03:06 J2/9  
27th March M&D Ian Clark   24:49 J2/3  
3rd April Withington Wheelers Ian Clark 1.2.47 1:01:46 J2/9 19th
5th April Abbotsford Pk Open 10 Alex Royle 22.12 21:45 J2/1 1st Overall and Junior
5th April Abbotsford Pk Open 10 Mark Hancock   25:08 J2/1  
5th April Abbotsford Pk Open 10 Jim Thompson   25:14 J2/1  
5th April Abbotsford Pk Open 10 Steve Stoddart   25:44 J2/1  
5th April Abbotsford Pk Open 10 Derek Hodgins   26:29 J2/1 Fastest Vet on Std
10th April Macc Wheelers Jack Bowyer   23:56    
10th April Macc Wheelers Ian Clark   24:19    
17th April  M&DTTA  Ian Clark  59:??  1:01:28  J2/9   
17th April  M&DTTA   Steve Stoddart  1:05:14  1:02:53  J2/9    
17th April  M&DTTA   Mark Hancock    1:05:25  J2/9    
17th April  M&DTTA   Neil Rothwell    DNF J2/9  
8th May Dukinfield CC Steve Stoddart     2:13:53 J4/16  
15th May ABC Centreville   Steve Stoddart    27:03  J2/1   
22nd May Warrington RC   Steve Stoddart    2:10:45  J4/16    
31st May Anfield BC Steve Stoddart    4:40:42 D100   
5th June Manchester Wheelers   Steve Stoddart    2:07:42 J4/16   
19th June Dukinfield CC Neil Rothwell   58:57 J2/9  
26th June Janus RC   Steve Stoddart   1:01:46 J2/9  
30th June Westmead Team 88 Nigel Mallalieu   58:39 J2/9  
30th June Westmead Team 88 Jake Percival   1:13:40 J2/9  
3rd July Nova CC Steve Stoddart   1:02:33  J2/9 3rd handicap
11th July M&DTTA 100 Steve Stoddart   4:40:00 J2/18  
11th July M&DTTA 100 Derek Hodgins   4:51:37 J2/18  
13th July VTTA Mcr & NW 30 Steve Stoddart   1:16:33 J4/11  
17th July M&DTTA Steve Stoddart   2:11:41  J4/16  
24th July Warrington RC Steve Stoddart   1:02:39 J2/9  
21st July Birkenhead CC Neil Rothwell   21:32 D10/19  
24th July Wolds RC Neil Rothwell   20:47  V718  Club Record!
31st July VTTA Mcr & NW Nigel Mallalieu   59:06 J2/9  
31st July VTTA Mcr & NW Steve Stoddart   1:02:35 J2/9  
31st July Sheffrec CC Mark Hancock   1:02:34 O25/11 PB 23rd
7th August Withington Wheelers Steve Stoddart   24:33 J2/1  
14th August Seamons CC Neil Rothwell   57:08 J2/9 Season's best
14th August Seamons CC Mark Hancock   1:00:17 J2/9 PB
14th August Seamons CC Steve Stoddart   1:02:22 J2/9  
22nd August WCTTA 12 hour Steve Stoddart   235:01 D12/1 PB
4th Sept Stretford Wh Mark Hancock   1:00:26 J2/9  
11th Sept ABC Centreville Steve Stoddart   1:04:37 J2/9 Don't ask!!
18th Sept Stone Wheelers Mark Hancock   58:08 J5/8 PB
10th Oct Fibrax Wrexham HC Rebecca Easthope   14:29    
10th Oct Fibrax Wrexham HC Mark Hancock   11:42    
17th Oct Weaver Valley HC Mark Hancock   23:59   17th place
17th Oct Weaver Valley HC Rebecca Easthope   30:18   69th place

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