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Gerry Gorman's Birthday

Gerry Gorman's Birthday

Gerry Gorman birthdayOn Sunday 12th of September, the freinds and relatives of Gerry Gorman assembled at the Robin Hood Hotel in Stretford to celebrate his 90th Birthday.

Gerry Gorman birthday The afternoon was spent enjoying a buffet lunch and a few pints, it was a happy occasion and Gerry was clearly enjoying all the attention from his visitors.

Gerry Gorman birthdayIrene Gorman said that she felt sure the whole occasion had done Gerry a world of good and he looked in better health that afternoon than she had seen him for some time.

Gerry Gorman birthday Thanks to Mary and John Longden for organising the occasion, and to Irene for all the kind invitations.

Gerry Gorman birthday

Thanks to Alicia Atkinson for providing the words and photographs for this article

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